CSK Subscription Registration -- 4th Season
Hello, Food-lovers! Welcome to the subscription cycle of the 4th season of the West Philly Cultural Engine's COMMUNITY SUPPORTED KITCHEN! Our subscription cycle begins immediately. We will be activating the subscriptions in phases --and starting with some subscriber favorites -- which will all be explained below.

** THIS IS A REGISTRATION FORM. Through this form you may subscribe to the CSK's menu of offerings this season.


If you have questions or would like more information, please contact frances.subbiondo@gmail.com or angie.swiggum@gmail.com

We help people connect with a passion for Life, through the shared experience of sourcing & preparing local, delicious food. We plant the seeds of a more resilient world by sharing the skills & knowledge required to prepare amazing food, while investing in a local food system that nourishes deeply any place we call Home.

Our goods & services are grounded in the gift economy. We offer the CSK because it a joy for us to do so -- and because we carry a sense of knowing that this kind of healing is both essential, and sadly, often in short supply in the world. Yet, because things cost money in same said world, we offer our goods & services on a sliding-scale donation basis. We also remain fueled by gratitude.

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We'll be releasing our subscriptions in multiple phases this season. The first phase is mostly vegan, and packed with vital foods that offer immune system-support in the cold season. All items are available immediately.

From our faemily sauerkraut, to other lacto-fermented pickles, to ogi (a fermented millet porridge that pairs beautifully with all of the above), the CSK's ferments are great ways to get more nutrient dense, bioavailable foods into your body.

sliding scale :: $5 - $13 -- per approx. 32 oz serving
# of servings :: 4 - 8

An opening, aromatic, fresh blend of organic spices/seeds that includes coriander, fennel, chili flakes, caraway, dill, pink himalayan sea salt, & thyme.

sliding scale :: $3 - $7 -- per approx. 2 oz serving
# of servings :: dozens

Za’atar is an ancestral spice blend from the Eastern Mediterranean. Its pattern features organic sesame, sumac, & a pungent green herb called za-atar, although we use the more locally-available thyme. We blend ours with sea salt, chili flakes, & toasted, sprouted, organic sunflower seeds for added body & protein. It's perfect with olive oil over bread, rice, or porridge -- or taken, sparingly, on its own.

sliding scale :: $4 - $10 -- per approx. 8 oz
# of servings :: 12 - 24

A pungent condiment, Alli-Zinger is a puree of fresh garlic, ginger, turmeric, with olive oil & sea salt. Drawing its name from the Allium plant genus that offers the world garlic, and the Zingiberaceae plant family that offers the world ginger & turmeric, this powerful combination of immune-supporters adds brightness to anything with which it is paired. Best kept raw for maximum immune support, but delicious always.

sliding scale :: $5 - $12 -- approx. 6 oz
# of servings :: 8 - 12

Our bone broths come from the long-simmered bones of grass-fed locally-sourced animals (most commonly beef or chicken). These broths are rich, smooth, utterly delicious, and full of deep, deep nourishment for our bodies. They add depth & flavor to almost any savoury dish, can easily transform leftovers into delicious soup, and of course can also be enjoyed by the steaming cup-full to fortify your constitution.

sliding scale :: $4 - $9 -- approx. 32 oz
# of servings :: 1 - 3

Another potent condiment, Chili Black Bean Sauce is a FIERY blend of red chili peppers, salted black beans, & sunflower oil. It's amazing in noodle soups, so pairs well with bone broth, and is perfect if you desire a HOT umami flavor.

sliding scale :: $4 - $9 -- approx. 8 oz
# of servings :: dozens

The CSK processes a lot of apples. They're wholesomely grown and local. Sometimes we dry them into apple leather. Sometimes we toast the skin into a sweet crunchy snack we call Laces. Sometimes it's a simple & delicious apple sauce; and other times baked into an elemental cobbler. Wanna be on the apple ride with us?

sliding scale :: $4 - $9 -- quantity varies
# of servings :: 6 - 8

This is a newer recipe that Acorn created that the CSK has been enjoying (the heck out of!) recently. Simple and sublime, with opportunity to customize high notes, we melt cocoa powder into coconut oil, sweeten with maple, and then adorn with a varying palette of flavors & textures -- rose water with mint oil is a strong favorite to the one of us whose profile that matches exactly. Ask us about options or suggest your own.

sliding scale :: $5 - $11 -- per approx. 4 oz serving
# of servings :: 2 - 4

Made from organic toasted sunflower seeds, herbs, spices, & sea salt, this crumbly topping adds seriously savory notes anywhere you'd look to sprinkle or grate cheese. It is designed to be the cheese when you need it to be, and to supplement dairy cheese if you want to add more plant proteins & bright flavors to your dishes.

sliding scale :: $5 - $10 -- per approx. 8 oz serving
# of servings :: dozens

An ancient Japanese salty, savoury condiment that offers the tastes & vital nutrients of toasted sesame seeds, sea salt, and spirulina or sea vegetables.

sliding scale :: $5 - $10 -- per approx. 8 oz serving
# of servings :: dozens


The following subscription items are being tested out! We're still working on the recipes for these, and would love your help in determining how to make them awesome subscription items.

An evolving & adaptable blend of seeds, superfoods, & dried fruit. Just add water (or milk of your choice) & maple or honey to sweeten as you like. Let sit overnight. Enjoy in the morning.

sliding scale :: $7 - 15
# of servings :: 4 - 5

A fresh loaf of our ‘house-caught’ sourdough bread. This menu item is subject to the whims of the chefs & the needs of the living culture. Sourdough bread is pre-digested by the culture, and hence is easier for our bodies to assimilate & absorb. Bread can be sliced to your preference & frozen to preserve freshness. Simply toast & serve.

sliding scale :: $4 - 9

The kit includes: (Makes 6 large servings of Noodle Soup)
Bone broth (3 quarts)
Sliced vegetables (1 quart)
Package of rice noodles (6 large servings)
Seaweed (3 servings)

Three amazing breakfasts, lunches or dinners. Each one ready with minimal effort -- in under 15 minutes.

sliding scale :: $17 - $30
# of servings :: 5 - 7

To which of these first phase CSK offerings would you like to subscribe?
NOTE: In the classic Community Supported... models, the costs of the shares are paid up front, or in regular installments throughout the season
Upon Request
*FERMENTS* :: $5 - 13
*HOUSE SPICE* :: $3 - 7
*SUNFLOWER ZA'ATAR* :: $4 - 10
*ALLI-ZINGER PASTE* :: $5 - 12
*BONE BROTHS* :: $4 - 9
*APPLE SPECIAL* :: $4 - 9
*GOMASIO* $5 - 10
*ROSE CEREAL* (BETA) $7 - 15
The second phase of subscriptions will activate as our capacity meets the demand for these kitchen favorites. So, while not yet available, let us know if you would like to subscribe so that we may know which to activate first.

This is a delicious olive oil-laced, spirulina-colored, nutritional yeast-enhanced, black pepper-spiked, truffle-scented, house-spiced eating extravaganza.

sliding scale :: $5 - $12 -- one gallon bag

(weekly or bi-weekly, or upon request)

Hummus is the shared name offered to the chick pea in both Arabic & Hebrew. Hummus builds strong bodies and delights the senses. Our Hummus subscription is an exploration of the chick pea -- in many flavors, & myriad guises -- from Fae who LOVE the chick pea.

sliding scale :: $4 - $10 -- approx. 12 oz serving

(weekly or bi-weekly, or upon request)

Dosas are a staple of South India. These thin, delicious, savory crepes, made from a fermented batter of rice & lentils, are the daily bread of many South Indians, where wheat will not easily grow. The CSK makes available its ‘house-spice’-laced dosa batter -- (not the prepared breads) to its subscribers in 32 ounce containers.

To prepare dosas at home you will need a large, non-stick skillet, or a *beautifully seasoned* pan.

sliding scale :: $4 - $10 -- approx. 32 ounces

(item refilled bi-weekly, or upon request)

A transcendent variation on sea salt, our herb salts bring forth an ancient method of herb preservation. Harvested at their peak from our neighborhood gardens, fresh herbs are pulverized with sea salt into a shelf stable vehicle that heightens flavors, adds electrolytes to your drinking water, and brings the magic of herbs to your life often in ways not before considered.

Herbs will vary with the season. Feel free to request any you please.

sliding scale :: $2 - 5 -- per 4 ounces

Let us know if you want more than 4 ounces.

Of the following second phase offerings, which would you like to subscribe to?
While not available immediately, your subscription speeds their arrival onto the scene.
Upon Request
*HUMMUS* :: $4 - 10
*DOSA BATTER* :: $4 - 10
*HERB SALTS* :: $2 - 5
The third phase of subscriptions is furthest off, but still may be available before we know it. So let us know to what you would like to subscribe, so that we may make them available as soon as possible.

The Weekly Menu was the featured & only subscription of the CSK's 1st season. It features 3 cohesive dishes -- which generally will make a meal for 2 to 3 fae, or may also be enjoyed separately, with or without your own kitchen's modifications. Through the Menu, the Kitchen & its subscribers will tour the world, as we offer, as faithfully to the roots of the cultures as possible, peasant foods of the world -- robust, nourishing, delicious, & earthy.

Featured regions & cuisines will include: the Mediterranean, Indian, Arab, East & West African, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, various tastes from across the Americas, and many more.

sliding scale: $10 - $40 per week

(weekly or bi-weekly)

A delicious combination of fresh, local, organic veggies, cooked with a sumptuous spice blend or sauce. This will be an exciting surprise every time, as the veggies are determined by whatever produce we happen to have in glorious abundance before the time of pick up.

sliding scale: $4 - $10 per week

(weekly or bi-weekly, or upon request)

Of the following third phase offerings, to which would you like to subscribe?
While not available immediately, your subscription speeds their arrival onto the scene.
Upon Request
*THREE ITEM MENU* :: $10 - 40
If you feel financial resources might keep you from participating in the kitchen, please be in touch. Helping in the kitchen is an easy way to go home with food. We are also open to exchanging food for whatever items, skills, or services you may have to offer the kitchen.
In an effort to steward the environment and avoid past difficulties presented by plastic containers, we are asking that all subscribers make every possible effort to provide their own CSK-approved, reusable, personal containers. These may include *labeled* tiffins, tupperware, glass jars, etc..

If for whatever reasons, none of these options are workable for you, the kitchen is willing to offer food in plastic take-out containers -- for which there is a $10 deposit, AND a pretty pretty please about returning them.

Pick Up Your Food. Please.

In the end, you are responsible to take your food Home. Right now, there are two community pick-up points -- Yoga/Potluck (1318 Walnut Street) on Thursday nights, & at the Starship Lollipop (1117 S. 46th St.) the rest of the week. We will be in touch regarding Starship pick-up days and other details. Our goal is to work together with you to establish food flows and pick-up days that work beautifully for your life and for the CSK.

There may be other locations established, but the process of creating them involves suggesting a receptive location, & showing that at least three people will use it to pick up their food (& that the location is able to hold them in cold storage until that happens).

Food must be picked up within 6 days, or be at risk of forfeiture.

Would you like to suggest another pick-up location?
Your answer
We will reach out to all subscribers individually, to solidify details. That said...
Do you have any thoughts, comments, questions, or conflicts which you'd care to share with the Kitchen?
Your answer
Once again, our ever-evolving GOALS in offering the CSK this season include the following:
<3 We demonstrate & actualize a system of eating & sharing food that heals the planet, and raises the collective health of our shared communities.

<3 We provide delicious, nourishing, righteously-sourced food -- & share the wherewithal for anyone to make it at home.

<3 We share, celebrate & educate around regenerative food cultures & practices.

<3 The space serves as a hub to connect our intersecting communities -- as we explore the potential of living systems to self-organize, and add value to our interconnected lives.

<3 We co-create a collaborative atmosphere & feel, each of us, empowered to make the space fit ​each of ​our needs & desires -- as we grow together a learning & playing environment that feels relevant to our lives.

<3 We co-create a space that is nourishing to our bodies, minds, and spirits.

<3 We co-create a growing vision of and toward a Faerie Ca’Fae & store-front in West Philly -- and practice working together toward common goals.

<3 We create opportunities for abundance & capital in many forms to flow amongst all involved.

<3 We gather in the financial abundance we need to sustain the CSK and to support our lives and work.


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