SUS+RBD Round 1 Application
SUS+RBD is a unique opportunity for advanced students interested in careers focused on resilience in the face of natural (e.g. earthquakes) and man-made (e.g. sea level rise due to climate change) hazards to embed directly into one of two Design Teams (BIG+One+Sherwood or Team Uplift) in the Resilience By Design Challenge and co-create innovative solutions with leading experts in architecture and engineering. Up to five students per team will put in time outside of their courses to complete RBD deliverables, individually and in teams, and be expected to maintain the highest level of professionalism in their responsibilities. SUS+RBD students will have unparalleled exposure to these firms and the network of the high-profile, international challenge.

There will be two rounds of applications for (1) the Collaborative Research Phase in the Autumn quarter and (2) the Collaborative Design Phase in the Winter and Spring quarters.

-- This is the application for Round 1, due September 29 at noon.
-- 10-15 minute interviews will be conducted with applicants on the afternoon of 9/29 between 1-5pm. Derek will coordinate with you once you have submitted your application.
-- Round 1 applicants will be considered in a pool of applicants by both Design Teams, and selected students will commit in writing to a certain amount of work hours per week for Autumn Quarter, effective Week 2 or Week 3. They will be expected to enroll in at least 1 unit of CEE 224X (though the actual workload will be at least 3 units). Round 1 students are encouraged to also participate in the formal D3+SUS course, which will provide them with useful skills related to their work.
-- The first round of students can re-apply in Round 2, along with new applicants, by finals week of Autumn Quarter. The second round students will be selected during Winter Break and commit to working from the start of Winter Quarter to the end of Spring Quarter. They will be expected to enroll in at least 1 unit of CEE 224Y and 1 unit of CEE 224Z (though the actual workload will be at least 3 units per quarter).

If you have questions about the application, please email Lecturer Derek Ouyang at

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Note: students who graduate after Fall or Winter Quarter are totally eligible for this opportunity, and may even be more attractive candidates if they can continue immediately into an internship or paid position with one of the firms.
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A work sample can be selections from past coursework or professional positions that demonstrates a range of your skillsets.
Review the resources available at the RBD website. Then describe themes, issue areas, technical skills, or creative ideas you would like to explore as part of your SUS+RBD experience (max 250 words). *
The Design Teams would like to see specific and detailed examples here, demonstrating prior research and thinking on sea level rise adaptation.
List anticipated classes, total units, and extracurricular commitments you expect to have, in addition to SUS+RBD, for each quarter you plan to participate. *
The Design Teams will expect at least 3 units worth of work each quarter, probably more. Make sure to include if you will be enrolling in D3+SUS.
If you are selected, will you be capable of continuing the project through May? *
Contingent on renewing your application in Round 2, Design Teams will prefer students who can commit to being involved for all three quarters.
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