Allieds' Technology Accreditation Programme Form
Allied offers an accreditation programme, that pre-qualifies and recognises your technology as being suitable to project developers that are seeking to provide financial guarantees to investors for their project. WE ARE UNABLE TO CARRY OUT ANY ACCREDITATION ON TECHNOLOGY THAT IS NOT OWNED OR IN CONTROL OF THE APPLICANT.
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Please provide a breif background to your technology. History, Where sited, fuel type and end product where applicable
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Please indicate how many continious hours the plant has been in operation.
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Have you carried out an independent feasibility study on the unit
Does the feasibility study include a feedstock analysis
Does the reference unit need to be scaled up
Do you have a detailed set of supporting documents
Do you consider that you are ready to be commercialised into a project
Do you have a client with a project that wants to use your technology
Is their feedstock the same as used on the reference plant
If not, have you tested their feedstock through the reference plant
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