Become a #IAmAWomanInSTEM Student Ambassador - Will You Join Us?
The #IAmAWomanInSTEM initiative launched in Spring 2016 with a partnership between UK and the American Association of University Women (AAUW). Today over 300 volunteers from female undergraduates at UK who are majoring or minoring in STEM-related disciplines have volunteered. This important leadership role asks for individuals to come up with their own ideas or to gather in small groups to raise awareness about the need for diversity in STEM-related careers (see more at Will you you join us?
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Would you want to join in serving as an author or administrator for one or more of the #IAmAWomanInSTEM social media sites?
If you haven't already, please join the UK student organization which has many activities and events planned for women in STEM+H related majors and minors. Go to
Would you help recruit a woman in STEM to join in this initiative? an undergraduate student or a faculty/staff/graduate student?
For more information, contact us at
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