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Let us know how you can help build a people powered movement for Knoxville!
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Volunteer Opportunities
Canvassing Every Saturday
We meet at Birdhouse Knoxville (800 N. 4th Ave) every Saturday afternoon to canvass from 2-5pm. If you cannot do Saturday's, but are interested in canvassing at another time, please let us know and we'll set it up!
Phone Banking Every Tuesday
We meet at Birdhouse Knoxville (800 N. 4th Ave) every Tuesday evening to phone bank from 6-8pm. If you cannot do Tuesday's, but are interested in phone banking at another time, or from home, let us know and we'll get it set up!
Will you help us spread the word to Organizations & Friends/Family that you know?
Please list any organizations or individuals that you would be willing to connect us with or talk to about the 2017 City Council Movement and candidates Seema Singh-Perez (District 3) and Amelia Parker (District 4)
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Please let us know if we missed anything: other skills you may have, additional ways you’d like to get involved, or things you’re excited about!
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