ExcelFit with Molly - Enrollment Form
Please read the entire document and complete the questions to enroll in the ExcelFit with Molly fitness training program.
Program Details
ExcelFit With Molly Online Training will provide you with fresh, challenging workout videos that you can do from anywhere! Molly Kujawski, a certified personal trainer and fitness coach for almost 15 years, will email you 3 brand-new* workout videos each week (of approx. 30 minutes each)!

Videos will be sent out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 4:30 a.m.

Once a new workout is sent, a reminder will be posted on our very own private group Facebook page. Each video will be available for 72 hours only, to encourage everyone to get their workout accomplished ASAP! After you complete the workout, post your name and/or a picture of yourself completing the workout on our Facebook group member page.

All of the workout videos created and posted will be at the "intermediate" to "advanced" fitness level. Molly Kujawski will provide modifications and different options for many exercises, but most of the workouts will be fast-paced and of a moderate to high intensity level.

*Workout videos will not repeat in the same 4-week period.
Equipment Needed for Workouts
What do you need to prior to starting the workouts?

-a set of dumbbells (I would recommend two sets-one lighter pair and one heavier if possible) *please ask if you need help in choosing the size of your weights!
-an exercise mat
-a 6-9 inch exercise ball (FitBALL, Bender Ball, or another 9" soft workout ball)
-a pair of exercise gliders (paper plates can work instead!)
-a lower body exercise band
-Internet access and a phone, tablet, or PC so you can view the workout videos
Each 4-week membership is $34.99. This membership will provide you with 12 BRAND NEW workouts and access to our private membership Facebook group, which offers motivation, accountability, support, and access to healthy living contests.

Payment is automatically drafted via PayPal each month. Cancel anytime by reaching out to me via email at: excelfitwithmolly@gmail.com.

In the event that the program is discontinued by the program owner (Molly Kujawski), all current members will receive a 14-day notice prior to the program's end date. Any funds prepaid but unused upon the program's end date would be refunded.
Privacy and Video Copyright Notice
Privacy Statement:

The information posted and sent to the private members of the “ExcelFit Online Training Group” and "ExcelFit with Molly" will be confidential. Any nonpublic personal information given to ExcelFit With Molly will never be shared with an outside source, which includes but is not limited to members’ contact information, photos shared with our group or sent to Molly via private Facebook message or email, and any personal data such as weight or body composition stats.

Video Copyright Notice:

All videos included in the ExcelFit with Molly program are subject to copyright owned by (c) Molly Kujawski 2019. All rights reserved.

Any reproduction or republication of all or part of this video is expressly prohibited. All other rights reserved.
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