Firefox, Entrust & others: plz remove CNNIC CA !!!

We believe that by adding CA of CNNIC, <strong>you put your users at risk</strong>. We technical users have manually removed CA of CNNIC & its accomplice: Entrust. We appeal to Mozilla, Entrust, Inc. & others for permanent removal to keep the majority away from <strong>MITM attack</strong>!

<strong><big>1st.</big></strong> The Chinese government is highly interested in GMail <sup>[1][2]</sup>, it might ask CNNIC to help to perform MITM attacks, CNNIC is totally controlled by the government;
<strong><big>2nd.</big></strong> CNNIC itself did notorious evil things before <sup>[3][4]</sup>. They might do evil again (MITM) for their own purpose (for instance: get money from deceptive certification).


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