2019 Pitch Party Application
Please fill out this form in its entirety by October 23rd to apply for the 2019 Carolina Challenge Pitch Party that will take place on November 7th. Check-in will start at 5 pm with the event lasting from 5:30-8:30 pm at the Blue Zone in Kenan Memorial Stadium!

(Before you formally apply, please confirm your team's eligibility and availability. If you have any questions, please visit http://carolinachallenge.unc.edu or email the Carolina Challenge President Mary Ashley Murrah at info@carolinachallenge.org)
Venture Name *note that this name cannot be changed after October 31st. Any name changes should be sent to info@carolinachallenge.org *
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Please describe your venture in 10-20 words. Keep in mind this description will be shared with the Pitch Party Judges. *
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Do you define your venture as a social venture (solves a problem in the social sphere. It is not required that a social venture be a non-profit)?
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