Todays Business challenges in Big Data
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General Big Data questions
What are your top priorities for Big Data?
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Corporate Strategy
To date, how many has your company spent on Big Data? *
Which department is spending the most on Big Data?
Does your Board of Directors include Big Data in the corporate strategy?
What are you doing with Unstructured Data?
Sales and Marketing
How in line is your sales force with your Big Data strategy?
How is your company using data to drive Marketing?
What value do you see Big Data providing around customer engagement?
Vendor and Professional Services
How is your relationship with your Big Data product vendor?
How is your experience with your Big Data professional services vendor?
How well does your Professional Services team understand your business challenges?
What is your most significant Big Data staffing challenge?
Infrastructure and Projects
How did your first Big Data deployment go?
How would you rank your competitors, in terms of Big Data maturity?
Where will your Big Data primarily be hosted?
Are your Big Data solutions reducing operational costs?
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