Fall 2018 Follow-Up Form
The follow-up form is key to steadily improving the experience for both participants and Study Leaders.
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2. Your Overall Experience
With the Course Catalog description in mind, write a few words about how this class turned out or did not turn out to be what you expected. Please be specific. Do you think this course should be offered again?
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3. Positive Aspects
From your experience, please write a few sentences about what worked well in this course. Be specific, where applicable, about presentation, discussion, organization, use of technology, etc.
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4. Possible Areas for Improvement
Please supply any suggestions you have to make a class like this better for you as a participant. Feel free to be subjective, as people learn differently, but please be specific.
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5. New Study Leader Suggestion
Know anyone you think would make a great study leader? Add their name here, along with the topic you have in mind.
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8. Suggestions for New Courses
Is there a subject you've always wanted to explore? A class you'd like to repeat? Here's your chance to help shape our future course offerings!
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