Making Sense of a Pandemic Survey (Grey Swan Guild)

The Grey Swan Guild's "Making Sense of a Pandemic" survey invites you to participate in a 5-10 minute survey on the impact of COVID-19 on society, the marketplace, the workplace and culture,

Your input is critical, particularly in light of the expansive, long-lasting effects from the COVID-19 outbreak and its impact on business leadership, policy making, education and how we get back to a new normal life in general. Please note that all responses are treated confidentially.

The Grey Swan Guild was formed as an open collaborative global venture and community of purposeful sense-makers – each with distinct perspectives and expertise. We joined together to respond to the global challenges presented initially by the worldwide 2020 Coronavirus pandemic and will also convene and deliver productions on other future societal, cultural, marketplace and/or workplace challenges.

We are an action-based think tank and advisory organization engaged in curating and creating knowledge through observation, informed futurism, and perceptive analysis..

Survey results will contribute to better understanding with businesses, policy makers and understanding the disruptions and future opportunities stemming from this interruption. You will receive the briefing that includes highlights of the survey results and an email that points you to our eventual final document "Emergent Global Perspectives in the Wake of a Pandemic".

Thank you in advance for your commitment to supporting our insights effort.


Sean Moffitt, Andrea Kates, Rob Tyrie, Sharon McINtyre and Vicki McLeod

On behalf of the Grey Swan Board and research group,
The Grey Swan Guild
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"Making Sense of a Pandemic" Study & Pulsecheck #1
I. Pulsecheck : How are you feeling about the pandemic right now?
Extremely Pessimistic
Extremely Optimistic
Clear selection
Reason Why (to above):
II. Lasting Impact: What will end up changing the most over the long term, after we recover from the wake of this pandemic: (Choose max of two choices.)
Reason why (to above):
III. Habit: When you think of your friends & neighbors, after the pandemic crisis is over, how will these aspects of their daily lives most likely change? *
Return Back to 2019 Levels
Change Incrementally
Fundamentally Change
Classroom-based Education
Drug and Alcohol Consumption
Eating Habits (e.g. homemade food/restaurants)
Embracing Imperfection
Fitness and Wellness Habits
Gaming (video/board)
Maker Culture (e.g. baking/building/creating)
Online Shopping/Delivery
Personal Hygiene (e.g washing hands)
Realizing What's Important
Social Media Habits
Video Streaming (e.g. Netflix/YouTube/Prime)
Work From Home
Comments (to above):
IV. Activity/Frequency in the Future: - After the pandemic crisis is over, will you be doing more or less of these activities in the future? *
Never again
Much less
A little less
About the same
A little more
Much more
All the time/very frequently
Saving More Money
Taking Public Transit/Ridesharing
Going to a Large Event/Concert/Sport Stadium
Making Big Purchases
Connecting with Family/Friends
Supporting Local Businesses
Teleheath/Remote Medicine
Airline Travel
Comments (to above):
V. Group Effects: Which demographic group do you feel has been most affected by this pandemic: (Choose one)
Clear selection
Reason Why (to above):
VI. Trust - Given the actions and communication of certain groups during the pandemic, what is your current level of trust of these institutions/groups of people (compared to pre-pandemic)?:
A lot less trust
A little less trust
About the same trust
A little more trust
A lot more trust
Banks/Finance Institutions
Corporations/Larger Business
Educational Institutions
First Responders (police, fire, paramedics)
Government - City/Town
Government - Province/State
Government - Federal
Grocery Retailers/Delivery
News broadcasters/Publishers
Public Health Providers (e.g. hospitals, nurses, doctors)
Public Health Administrators (e.g. health officers, contact tracers)
Religious Institutions/Faith-based Groups
Small Business/Startups
Digital Technology Companies
Travel/Tourism/Hotel Providers
Clear selection
Comments (to above):
VII. Winner - No matter how you analyze it, name a specific company that will certainly come out WELL AHEAD after this pandemic:
VIII. Loser - No matter how you analyze it, name a specific company that will certainly SUFFER dramatically from and after this pandemic :
IX. Future Grey Swans - If you were to predict which future Grey Swan* crisis will most affect us the most in the next decade (post COVID-19 pandemic), which would you choose?: (Choose one.)
* Grey Swan is a term used to describe a potentially very significant event that is considered unlikely to happen but still possible.
Clear selection
Reason Why (to above):
X. Breakthrough : What is the one idea that you have seen (or would like to see) that is the most ingenious/innovative thing that might come out of this pandemic:
XI. Debates:
The "handshake" has been lost forever
We will get close to reaching a post-pandemic equilibrium/normal by January 2021
This will be the biggest shock to our world in our lifetime
Global travel will be considerably more expensive in the future
The shopping mall is a thing of the past
More than half of us will now work from home
This pandemic has brought countries closer together
We will greatly improve how the elderly and disabled are housed and cared for
The economy has become irrevocably damaged
I will cut/colour my hair less frequently in the future
The future of the classroom and learning is now online
We will pay a living wage to front-line workers such as cashiers and meat-packing staff
Wearing non-medical masks when out in public will become normalized in many more countries
Clear selection
Can you share another provocative "pandemic impact" debate statement that could be argued:
XII. Missing/Longing - What do you miss the most from your pre-pandemic world?
XIII. Your Contact Info (name/country/email)::
XIV. Joining - Would you or somebody else like to join our Grey Swan Guild - an open venture that attempts to make sense of the world and the future during times of big challenge:
Clear selection
XV. Names and Email of Referral Contact(s) who may want to take this survey/join guild. Upon receipt, we will email them with an explanation and option to participate. They will not become part of our mailing list.
Thank you and July 22nd webcast of the results - register at the link below.
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