January 2019 NTUC Future Planning Survey
The NTUC voting membership has voted to not sell any of our properties at

this time, and to financially support ongoing spiritual services, programs and

building repair requirements and renovations. The NTUC Leadership Team is

providing this survey for your input, inviting everyone who participates in our

Center's programs and activities and to respond no later than February 1, 2019.

The results will provide important information on how those active in our spiritual

community wish to support our current and future program development and

building needs ensuring a thriving, abundant future.

January 2019 NTUC Future Planning Survey
1. How long have you been attending New Thought Unity Center? *
2. Describe your involvement at New Thought Unity Center: (check all that apply) *
3. Please indicate your age range: *
4. Which of the following activities/offerings do you regularly participate in? (Check all that apply) *
5. How would you describe the various methods used to keep people informed and aware of events, plans, and programs? (Sunday Announcements, Bulletins, Posters & Flyers, Website, FaceBook, Weekly E-News, Mailings, Handouts/Sign-ups at What's Happening Table)
6. Please describe your perception of the current overall spirit (energy/consciousness) at New Thought Unity Center.
7. Overall, the events and programs of New Thought Unity Center are:
8. What do you perceive the greatest strengths of New Thought Unity Center to be? (Check up to 5):
9. What do you perceive to be the greatest needs for improvement or development at this time?
Your answer
10. Do you support New Thought Unity Center's Mission & Vision statements as stated below? All our programs, events, and services align with these intentions. Our Mission: "To Experience Spirituality" Our Vision: "Universal Wholeness Through Spiritual Healing And Transformation"
11. Do you support our leadership team creating a vision and plan to raise the financial resources as a priority for our membership to participate in?
12. I/My family understand(s) the importance of supporting a financial campaign for the future abundance of NTUC.
13. As the spiritual community moves forward with a funding campaign, will you prayerfully consider giving your financial support?
14. Do you consider yourself to be one who tithes, meaning you give 10 percent of your income to Unity?
15. If you were considering a commitment (over and above your regular giving) to our community for a financial campaign today, what range of financial commitment might you consider over a three-year period?
16. I/My family will volunteer to help during the campaign process as needed.
17. Would you consider making a legacy donation or estate gift?
18. As another way to contribute to the financial campaign, might your donation include non-cash assets such as stocks, bonds, or real estate?
19. Please suggest up to 3 people you believe would be effective as leaders for a funding campaign. A leader is a person who loves the spiritual community, supports its mission and programs, practices what we teach, and is respected by other congregants. Indicate 1)...2)...3)... and give first and last names.
Your answer
20. Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey. What questions or comments do you have regarding this project? Share other input with us here:
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21. Contact Information: (Gratefully requested so we may contact you if there are any questions!) Please provide: 1) name, 2) phone number, and 3) e-mail address.
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