Middle School Volunteer Form

The Board of Education of the Woodstown-Pilesgrove Regional School District recognizes the services of volunteers can enrich the educational program, assist teaching staff members in the performance of their duties, and enhance the relationship between the school district and the community. The Board authorizes a program for the utilization of volunteer services in the school(s) of the school district.

For the purpose of this Policy, a "volunteer" is a person who is not paid by the Board of Education, who assists with classroom or other school activities under the direct supervision of an appropriately certified or licensed school district employee, and provides assistance for school activities.

Please print this form and return to the teacher/adviser/coach with a paper copy of your fingerprints.
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Volunteer Categories
Tier 1 - a person who is invited into a school and provides occasional assistance for school activities, or assists with classroom or other school activities on an "as needed" occasional basis. This class of volunteer will need to submit an application to the Principal for the specific activity in which they intend to participate for approval by the Board of Education.

Tier 2 - Please see the building Principal.
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