DIY Recording: Sunday, February 21st, 1-4 pm
Girls Rock! Chicago is partnering with Chicago Women in Trades and Resonate to bring you this awesome program! Attendees will get a chance to learn how to record themselves at home as well as information about finding the right gear for home recording.

*****Please note that this workshop is ages 12 and up, and all APPLICANTS must identify as women, trans* (any identity), or gender non-conforming.

If you have an applicant who is under the age of 18, please feel free to have a guardian (regardless of gender identity) accompany them for free. However, a guardian is not required: there will be GR!C volunteers and staff on site at all times. There will be attendees over the age of 18 at this workshop.
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A preferred gender pronoun, or PGP, is the pronoun or set of pronouns that an individual would like others to use when talking to or about that individual. Examples of answers to this question are "she/her/hers," "he/him/his," and "they/them/theirs." Girls Rock! Chicago strives to be as inclusive as possible of transgender and gender non-conforming youth. This question is totally optional. Please feel free to contact Jess LeMaster or Kit Curl at 773 289 2670 if you have any questions.
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