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Share Your Rx is a podcast for aspiring/new health providers, birth professionals, caregivers, and anyone else who believes language is powerful. Each episode tackles a common reproductive/sexual health topic and offers a variety of possible scripts with patient-centered, anti-bias, trauma-sensitive perspectives we can use in our daily work.

This is where you come in!

Have you cracked the code for a great way to explain something that is comprehensive but not condescending? Have you come up with a creative, sensitive way to broach a tricky subject? Are you skilled at distilling challenging information into the short 7 minutes we have in an exam room? Or perhaps you have suggestions based on your own preferences/experience? Share your genius with us! Fill out this brief form to get started. 

And check out some first episodes at 

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Consider a topic that you really enjoy discussing with patients, colleagues, at parties... Options are endless. There are some checkboxes here with topics to get your brain juices flowing, but feel free to write in your own.

TL;DR - teach us what you love.
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