Application for St. Edward Music Scholarships

St. Edward offers music scholarships for incoming freshmen. This $1,500 award can reduce tuition in addition to financial aid and state scholarships. The award is annually renewable, provided students participate in instrumental/vocal music as a member of one of the following ensembles:

  • Marching Band (fall) and Symphonic Band (winter and spring) - Both groups rehearse after school.
  • Orchestra - Orchestra meets all year as a class period, as well as rehearses before school twice a week.
  • Choir - Choir meets all year as a class period, as well as rehearses after school twice a week.
To be considered for this scholarship, parents must fill out the application below before November 28. A member of the Performing Arts Department will then contact parents via email to schedule an audition in December. For additional information or questions, call the Performing Arts Office at 216.221.0793.

  • Auditions consist of a solo (3–5 minutes in length), scales, vocal exercises, rudiments, or sight-reading. 
  • Solos should be at an OMEA High School Class C level. Accompaniment is optional but encouraged for strings, winds, and percussion. Accompaniment is required for singers. Tone quality, tonal and rhythmic accuracy, intonation, articulation, and expression of the solo accounts for three-fifths of the audition rating.
  • Scales for strings are C, G, D, F, and Bb major, one octave. Scales for winds and percussion are C, F, Bb, Eb, and G major, one octave, and chromatic one octave beginning on any note desired. Scales are to be performed ascending and descending in a consistent tempo of the student’s choosing. Percussionists must perform the listed scales on bells or xylophone and five rudiments of the student’s choice on snare drum. Vocalists will perform standard vocal exercises led by the auditioner. Scales, exercises and rudiments account for one-fifth of the audition rating.
  • Sight-reading will consist of a series of short selections. They will include the keys performed as scales and increase in rhythmic difficulty. Sight-reading accounts for one-fifth of the final audition rating.
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