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By signing on, you or your organization supports the below manifesto as well as agrees to be a part of the alliance. Joining the alliance shows that you or your organization supports our cause, but the amount of participation will be your decision. In return, as a member of this alliance, you will have a voice in the direction of this alliance, will be connected to an increased number of MSU community members, and will have your demands raised up. You will have power to make a difference.
We, Reclaim MSU, are an alliance of students, faculty, and staff at Michigan State University formed in response to the insufficiency of our institution’s ability to respond to, prevent, and investigate instances of sexual misconduct, violence, and discrimination.

We condemn sexual violence and rape culture plaguing our campus. We condemn all discrimination based on ability, age, citizenship status, gender, HIV antibody status, nationality, parental and pregnancy status, race, religion, seniority, sex, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and weight on our campus. We condemn the lack of functional institutions to investigate instances of sexual misconduct, prevent sexual assault, and support the survivors.

The current administration’s attitudes and inactions towards discrimination, harassment, and sexual violence on our campus are unacceptable. In their shameful negligence of these issues they have betrayed the trust of the MSU community. The administration’s lack of accountability has enabled them to act against the best interests of the MSU community. As public servants, the Board of Trustees have failed to be accessible, accountable, and transparent. It is time to stop prioritizing the brand and reputation of Michigan State University.

We must Reclaim MSU. This means valuing the health and wellbeing of the community through equitable distribution of power and resources. This means the direct participation of faculty, students, and staff within the administration and the Board of Trustees. This means procedural justice where different social groups and stakeholders are represented and have a seat at the decision-making table. This means a safe and inclusive campus that is empowering and fosters learning environment. This means fostering a culture of both consent and transparency on part of the Board of Trustees and the administration.

We stand behind the demands of the students, faculty, and staff of Michigan State University. We’re here to fight. Together we will Reclaim MSU.
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