Mower County Covid-19 Pandemic History Project
The Mower County Historical Society and the Hormel Historic Home are asking you to provide us with your experiences, thoughts, photos, etc. on COVID-19 and the pandemic. We would like to collect the history as it happens to add to our archives for the education of future generations. This information may be used as a part of our archives for education, exhibits, promotions, and publicity. We thank you for participation.

You may respond to this form multiple times as conditions change.

If you have any questions, or would like to send photos or videos, please email or
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By filling out this form, this information may be made available for public research by the Mower County Historical Society (MCHS) or Hormel Historic Home (HHH). I unconditionally give, donate and set over to the MCHS and HHH of Austin, Minnesota, the information on this form to be used and or disposed of by the MCHS and HHH at its unrestricted discretion; and for myself, my distributes, and my personal representatives, I waive all present and future rights in, to, or over said property, its use or disposition. *
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When did you first learn about the Covid-19 outbreak? What were your thoughts at the time?
What are your thoughts about he COVID-19 Pandemic today?
Have you experienced anything like covid-19 pandemic this in your lifetime? If so, please explain.
How has COVID-19 affected work or school life?
How has COVID-19 affected your daily home life?
What has changed the most in your life during the covid-19 pandemic period?
What scares you or worries you about the current pandemic situation?
What have you been grateful for during the pandemic?
What should people in 50-100 years know about COVID-19 pandemic?
Any additional thoughts.
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