DPCA Proxy Form - May 2019
In the following form you will be able to select your proxy holder, choose proxy type, and add your voting instructions (if any).

Proxy notes:
1. Voters can only carry 4 votes total, including proxy votes.

2. Proxies are issued on a first-come-first-served basis. If a voter assigns a proxy to someone who has already received their maximum number of proxy votes, the second proxy will be invalid.

3. The deadline for sending in proxies is May 14 8 AM DC Time. Contact the International Secretary (secretary@democratsabroad.org) in case of emergencies.

4. Send your form in early so that we can check that your proxy is problem free, and if it isn't, help you find a solution.

5. It is always possible for a voter to cast their own vote, even if they have identified a proxy holder for all votes. The proxy vote is then overridden.
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Will you be present during the DPCA Global Meeting (in person or online) at any time? *
Proxy Holder *
The name of the person to whom you give your proxy.
Proxy Holder's Country *
You may select a “General” proxy if: 1. You are a Country Committee (CC) Chair, Vice Chair, or Voting Representative, and you give your proxy to a member of your CC, or to a DPCA Member of the same Region;
2. You are a DNC member (elected by Region), and you give your proxy to a DPCA Member of the same Region;
3. You are a DNC member (elected at large) or a DPCA officer, and you give your proxy to any DPCA Member.

You may give your proxy to any DPCA Member if you select "Limited".
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