Chapel Hill Community Arts & Culture Questionnaire
Community Arts & Culture was recently created in response to the community's interest in and Town Council's prioritization of the arts in Chapel Hill. The division currently includes public art, arts programs, and festivals and special events. While we have a long and strong history in these areas, we'd like to build an even brighter future.

How will this questionnaire guide us toward our goals? Your perspective on the purpose and impact of arts and cultural activities will help us develop a thoughtful and strategic foundation – starting with a mission statement – that will shape what we do, how we do it, and why.

Please fill in the blank with up to three words: “At their best, arts and culture have the power to _______.” (Examples: “transform” or "open minds" or "bring people together") *
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Please list up to three impacts the arts have had – or you wish they had – on your life. *
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Please list the three most important actions Community Arts & Culture could take to help our community thrive. *
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