8 to Your IdealWeight Dreams & Goals
Greetings and Welcome to this Self-Awareness Questionnaire. It will tell me where you've been and where you want to be with your IdealWeight! Once I receive your questionnaire, I will call you for a short interview to see if, "8 to Your IdealWeight" is a good fit for your needs!
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Why are you wanting to lose weight now?
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What specific challenges is your extra weight causing you? What are you missing out on?
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What have you tried recently that HASN'T worked?
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What kinds of processes/programs do you prefer? Check ALL that apply
How much time are you willing to invest each week on Coaching/Calls/Journaling?
What days of the week work best for you for a Coaching Call or a Group Meeting?
When would you like to get started?
How will it feel to be at your IdealWeight?
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Finally, let's set up a 20-30 minute conversation to answer all your questions and see if this program is a fit for your lifestyle. When are two good times to talk in the next week or so?
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