RSVP: Keystone XL Public Hearing in Lincoln
Stand with us to testify and show solidarity at the sole public hearing scheduled on the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, on Tuesday, Oct. 9th (Hearing time: 4:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.) at the Cornhusker Marriott Hotel in Lincoln, NE.

Add your name to let us know you're able to join us.

BUS TO LINCOLN: We're also organizing a bus for landowners who live on the pipeline route, and otherwise wouldn't be able to attend the hearing. Please check the box if you're interested in joining the bus from Atkinson > Neligh > Norfolk etc.

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YES! I will stand with Pipeline Fighters at the KXL public hearing in Lincoln on Tuesday, Oct. 9th. *
BUS SIGN-UP: I'm a landowner / Pipeline Fighter interested in joining a bus to Lincoln (Cities: Atkinson, Neligh, Norfolk...) Let us know how many in your party.
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