Mental Health Fun Fair Volunteer Board / Leadership-Team Applications
Great news: The 2nd annual Mental Health Fun Fair is going live!

This year our dynamic event will be held digitally with amazing artists, healers, food vendors and other talent both local and remote! We are excited to present what we think is the "dopest" way to share mental health in 2020!

Mental Health Fun Fair is looking for a volunteer board!

Things are moving quickly, and we are excited to open up applications for the following:

Talent and Community Connections Coordinator
- Oversee and direct networking and talent acquisition. Facilitate strategic relationships within the community to enhance visibility, quality, connection, investment and buy-in.

Energy Development Manager
- Promote the intersectionality of mental health within specific populations within the community. Collaborate with leadership, artists and talent to create a safe-space and atmosphere of cultural, social, emotional, and inter sectional diversity. Troubleshoot opportunities for message equity and inclusion.

Community Engagement Coordinator
- Connect with both for profit and non-profit partners to support the mental health conversation and further visibility with partners and organizations that provide resources.

Vibe Management Specialist
- Work with production team and leadership to creatively strategize the layout, set design, and optics within the event. Support in all elements of design planning and implementation.

Production and Synergy Assistant Director
- Work with Technical and Production Director to manage, staff, troubleshoot, create, and and otherwise direct the production elements.

Marketing and Image Director
- Collaborate with leadership and production team to create and curate content digitally and in print. Mobilize support systems to share and advertise. Work with team and partners to develop copy, press releases, and other verbal content and other public relations messaging.

Image and Design Specialist
- Provide consultation and support to VMS and team in on - camera presentation with staff and talent. Provide support for aesthetics items such as like personal design and textile/costuming consulting, personal visual aesthetic, culturally appropriate coloring and image design in filming preparation.

Fundraising and Capital Acquisition Strategist
- Engage with funding partners to engage sponsorship, donations, grant funding, and other streams of income/revenue to support quality talent, production, equitable access and ideal outcomes with resource brokering.

Reliable internet, phone, computer and necessary equipment and software and knowledge base for completing specific/designated tasks including but not limited to: email, gsuite (Google docs, forms, sheets...), microsoft office, adobe suite, instragram, twitter, facebook, tiktok, youtube, text messaging...etc
All positions report to the MHFF Director or designee.

The MHFF is an all inclusive, diverse and inclusive intentional event. We make our best efforts to provide equitable opportunities for all to participate no matter the socio-economic status, religion, sexuality, race, ethnicity, ability, age, or station in life. We uphold the values of the MHFF and invite any and all aligned with this purpose to support the simple message that: mental health matters.
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Do you commit to not disclose and keep confidential any of the information not created for sharing that is learned or shared about talent, artists, partners, strategy, personal mental health information, funding, operations, logistics, or otherwise essential trade information connected to the MHFF? *
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