Software Engineering Salaries in Europe&UK
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I (Gergely Orosz) am creating a video/blog post on the state of software engineering salaries in Europe, scheduled to go out June or July 2021. ALL the data shared here will be public, after a round of validation & cleanup, that is currently in progress.

I'd appreciate your input on either your current salary, past salary, or salary information you are aware of. If you can't disclose some information (e.g. name of the company, exact salary) that's okay - please share what you're comfortable doing anonymously.

PLEASE CONSIDER ANONYMIZING: I will do my best to anonymize the data (e.g. not share company names and positions that might make anyone identifiable, share ranges over exact numbers etc). But please also consider rounding numbers up or down in ways to not make this data traceable to you. Your email will not be shared with anyone but myself (Gergely Orosz) for the purpose of a one-off notification when the report is ready.

There are a few reasons I'm doing this:
1. Almost all public resources/videos are focused on the US on this topic. We know that Silicon Valley is not Europe.
2. Glassdoor is hopelessly out of date.
3. There has been a significant uptick in compensation with US pre-IPO and post-IPO companies opening EU offices. It's an "open secret" that salaries at these places can be a lot higher: well-known to people working here, but little known to most EU engineers.
4. Most engineers I talked with think they need to move to the US to get to >$150K/year. Many make this move. I'd like to highlight places in Europe where you can get to these levels, without packing up and leaving.
5. Most engineers in Europe don't realize (or appreciate) the value of equity: few ask for it even in high-growth companies that later go public. You need to get a hold of this concept to understand how (and where) you can get to the >€150K/year levels.
6. I'm on "neutral ground", not being employed by any tech company (by choice). At the same time, I have insights into what the "top of the market" is, so I hope I can filter this data pretty well.

This survey is anonymous. If you'd like to get notified of the video/blog post when it is out, please leave either an email address, or follow @GergelyOrosz on Twitter, or subscribe to my newsletter (where I'll also notify you):

How this data will be used:
- Anonymized aggregate: I'll clean the data and share it in anonymized form. I will not share company names with less than 2 submissions per role.
- Email: I'll notify email addresses when the report is ready, then remove this data. The email address will not be shared externally.

Thank you - on behalf of both myself and EU software engineers.
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I'm asking for this information to account for potential salary inequality by gender (and benchmark how "diverse" this information is)
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