Alabama HOSA Confidentiality Agreement
All persons facilitating Alabama HOSA Competitive Events should complete this form.
Alabama HOSA Confidentiality and Conduct Agreement

I, the undersigned, understand that materials used for HOSA competitive events testing are confidential. I hereby agree to maintain the confidentiality of all testing and skill materials and understand that the security of testing materials, secret topics, and event skills are maintained by protecting all items from loss, unauthorized access and sharing, or reproduction.
In order to maintain the integrity of the testing and competitive process, I further understand the following:

• Advisors are not allowed to enter/observe an event (other than their assigned event) at any time for any reason.
• Advisors are required to protect the confidentiality of event secret topics and skills throughout the conference and are
not allowed to reveal the required skills or secret topic until the competitor is personally competing.
• Maintaining test item security prohibits any advisor or test proctor from:
o unauthorized printing or photocopying of any test items or materials
o allowing unauthorized pictures to be taken of tests or skills
o accessing or removing test materials from the secure locations
o allowing students to access events at times other than their scheduled testing time
o allowing advisors and others to view test content

I understand that compromising test and/or event security in any way may result in the disqualification of all HOSA members from the advisor’s chapter.


I, the undersigned, understand that as a proctor of a competitive event I am obligated to the following:
• Be familiar with the event guidelines and follow them precisely
• Create and maintain a fair and equitable environment for every competitor
• Keep all competitor scores and rankings confidential
• Refrain from offering any comments (positive or negative) to competitors regarding student performance during or
after competitive events
• Provide competitors with a friendly and positive atmosphere for testing

If facilitators experience problems during competitive events, they will need to notify the Alabama Event Coordinator in Alabama HOSA Headquarters.

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