Handbook: Policies & Procedures
To provide night time sleeping space on cold nights as a supplement to Carbondale's
existing shelter system, for the sake of human dignity, safety, and survival.
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Welcome to the Carbondale Warming Center. Our staff/volunteers are here to serve individuals and
families that find themselves in a housing crisis. We are committed to providing: shelter,
food, and access to community information.

No person, because of race, color, religion, sex, age, familial status, sexual orientation, or disability,
shall be discriminated against or denied participation.

The Warming Center provides emergency temporary shelter for persons. The number of
persons admitted per night is subject to facility availability. Staff/volunteers are on duty to provide a safe environment
for all guests.

This handbook covers important information regarding your stay at Warming Center. Please take
the time to read this material or ask that it be read to you.
Center Hours – Admissions
The Center is open 7 days a week 365 days a year.
Shelter Hours for Residents
In order to ensure that the shelter runs smoothly, there are expectations regarding the times in
which certain activities are to occur.

- 6::00 a.m.

o Guests are woke by room

o Each room comes down to have their temperature taken

- Breakfast is served between 6am and 8am


- Guests who work nights need to discuss their schedule hours with staff. Persons working after curfew will be admitted to the shelter after 10:30 pm. Guests that have not been in the shelter for three nights in a row on the 4th morning your belongings and items will be put up and cot space is no longer yours. If you show during the day of the 4th morning you will then have another night out as a consequence. Work hours must be documented.

- Carbondale Warming Center is not responsible for any personal belongings left at the shelter
Shelter Agreement
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