2017 Cultural Leadership Summit Questionnaire 文化領袖論壇意見調查
1. On a scale of 1-5, how would you rate the Summit's Keynote / Plenary Sessions? 以1-5評級,你如何評價今次論壇的各項大會/ 小組討論?
1a. Topics and themes 討論議題 *
1b. Content 內容 *
1c. Quality of Presenter(s) 講者質素 *
1d. Of practical use 應用性 *
2. Please tick one box to indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with each of the following: 你有多同意以下句子?請選以下一格:
2a. The Keynote Speeches met my expectations. 主題演講切合我的期望。 *
2b. The Keynote Speeches were of high quality. 主題演講是高質素的。 *
3. On a scale of 1-5, how would you rate the Summit's logistics arrangements?
3a. Venue of Conference 論壇場地 *
3b. Refreshments 茶點 *
3c. Lunch 午膳 *
3d. Registration at venue 入場登記 *
3e. Online Registration 網上登記 *
3f. Simultaneous Translation 即時傳譯 *
4a. Which aspect of the Summit do you like the most? 你認為論壇的哪些方面/環節最理想?
4b. Which topic / session covered in the Summit do you find most interesting / helpful / relevant to you? 你認為論壇的哪些專題/環節最吸引/感興趣/獲益良多?(可選多過一項)
5. Which aspects of the Summit would you like to see changes? 你認為論壇的哪些地方應作出改善?
6. Which speaker(s)/performer(s) of the Summit impressed you the most? Why? 你對論壇哪位講者/表演者有特別高的評價?(可選多於一位)為甚麼?
7. Which was your primary reason for attending the Summit? 你參加論壇的主要目的是?(可選多過一項) *
8. Is this your first time attending a Hong Kong Arts Administrators Association event? 你是否第一次參加香港藝術行政人員協會的活動? *
9. What topics would you like to see covered by future events? 你希望將來同類型的論壇探討甚麼主題?
10. Which sector are you / your organization in? 你的所屬機構屬於哪一個界別? *
11. What is the nature of the institution you are associated with? 你的機構屬於哪一個界別? *
12. In what capacity are you involved in cultural management? (can tick more than one) 你於文化管理中擔任甚麼角色?(可選多過一項) *
13. Other comments: 其他意見:
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