Speaker submission for PG Connects conference series
Do you have knowledge to share? Would you like to take part in a growing and much-loved conference series? We're always looking for new speakers and panellists. Please let us know how you might get involved, below.

Please bear in mind that the talks are just 20 minutes in total, including a Q&A if you want. Panels are longer. We don't cover travel or accommodation expenses, but it's a chance to present yourself, your company and your expertise to a growing audience of relevant contacts and includes a free ticket to the meeting platform (and other VIP benefits during live events). More details on the bottom of the page, including a link to our MasterClass activities instead.

Please make sure that your submission is authorised by your company and consistent with its guidelines, and all details are correct because we tend to move quickly and may begin promoting your talk as soon as your submission is authorised by our team.

If you have a suggestion for somebody else that you'd love to see participate in our events, or ideas for topics you'd like us to cover, please use this form instead: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe4O8fcFv5OwXnJtE7TsOUHMgSEjPI0HxBN5QwQt3T3ACcTxA/viewform

Any queries about content at any of our events? Please contact Patty on patty.toledo@steelmedianetwork.com
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Next steps and further details
We'll check over the submission. If successful, you will be informed and provided with additional details.

For live events: if you are selected to speak we will invite you to our exclusive Speakers Reception and you'll also get a VIP conference pass, as well as the opportunity to have a speaker spotlight interview on PocketGamer.biz, PCGamesInsider.biz, InfluencerUpdate.biz or BlockchainGamer.biz. Speakers have full access to the meeting platform and may attend the first night party too. Unfortunately, we do not cover travel or accommodation expenses. For virtual events: if you are selected to speak you will receive access to the whole online event including access to the meeting platform.

Topics/sessions we're looking for speakers to cover include: live ops, hypercasual, influencer marketing, growth and monetization, global publishing, esports, visions and values (company culture), user acquisition (UA), game production/design (narrative, audio, UX, animation, etc.), blockchain (including NFTs, etc.), HTML5, 5G, market insight, indie development (case studies, failure and success stories also welcome), investment, business strategy, big data, future tech and concepts, local talent, industry trends, and subscription services. We're also open to technical talks, post-mortems, making ofs, roundtables, and workshop ideas. Of course, we're happy to hear from speakers with other ideas alongside these, too!

Please make sure that your submission is authorised by your company and consistent with its guidelines, and all details are correct, because we tend to move quickly and may begin promoting your talk as soon as your submission is authorised by our team.

If your talk doesn't quite fit into our planned content we might ask you to join a panel or ask if you can speak about another subject.

If you are unsuccessful in being selected to speak at this event we will aim to inform you but please note that due to the volume of submissions this isn't always possible.

We have more speaking opportunities coming up at future conferences and events in 2021 and beyond. If you have any queries please contact Patty on patty.toledo@steelmedianetwork.com. If you'd like to draw our attention to other speakers you'd like to hear from, please go here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe4O8fcFv5OwXnJtE7TsOUHMgSEjPI0HxBN5QwQt3T3ACcTxA/viewform

If you would like to be paid to present a more in-depth topic to smaller groups outside of the usual conference schedule, you can register your interest in MasterClass mentorship here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf4Ku4qBH2YbHbuDRimv5VzaK7Da3uwf2oQF6KvcoqC4C-zpw/viewform
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