Speaker submission for PG & XR & PC & Blockchain Gamer Connects conference series
Interested in sharing your knowledge? Bless you. Please do so by completing the form below.

Note our 'short, sharp' format means our talk sessions typically last 15 minutes in duration (+ 2-3 mins Q&A) so please bear this in mind when submitting your talk concept.

If you are selected to speak we will invite you to our exclusive Speakers Reception and you'll also get a VIP conference pass, as well as the opportunity to have a speaker spotlight interview on PocketGamer.biz/TheVirtualReport.biz/PCGamesInsider.biz/BlockchainGamer.biz.

Topics/sessions we're looking for speakers to cover include: Live Ops, Hypercasual, Influencer marketing, Growth, Global Publishing, Esports, Monetisation, UA, Game Production/Design (narrative, audio, UX, animation, etc), Blockchain, Company Culture, HTML5, Market Insight, Indie Development (failure and success stories also wanted), Investment, Business Strategy, Big Data, Future/New Tech & Concepts, Local Talent, Industry Trends, Technical talks, Postmortems, Making Ofs, Roundtables, and Workshop ideas. Of course, we're happy to hear from speakers with other ideas alongside these, too.

Any queries, please contact:

Patty on patty.toledo@steelmedia.co.uk

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We'll check over the submission. If successful, you will be informed and provided with additional details.

If your talk doesn't quite fit into our planned content we might ask you to join a panel or whether you can speak about another subject.

If you are unsuccessful in being selected to speak at this event we will aim to inform you but please note that due to the volume of submissions this isn't always possible.

We have more speaking opportunities coming up at future conferences and events in 2019. If you have any queries please contact Patty on patty.toledo@steelmedia.co.uk.

Please note we do not cover travel or hotel expenses for our speakers.

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