HEAL Winchendon Food Survey
Healthy Eating Active Living Winchendon is sharing this survey to learn about people’s habits and preferences around food. We are interested in this information because we want to create a new place, called a food hub, to help you and your family get healthy, local, affordable food. The information you provide in this survey will inform our planning of the food hub. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact staff@growingplaces.org.
1. What is your age? *
2. Including yourself, how many people live in your household? *
Number of children under 18:
Number of adults 18 - 64:
Number of adults 65 and older:
3. What is your annual household income? *
4. How much money do you typically spend on food each week, including at restaurants/fast food restaurants/grocery stores/convenience stores)? *
5. What payment methods do you use to pay for food at the grocery store? (Choose all that apply.) *
6. Where do you typically purchase or get your food? (Choose all that apply.) *
If you selected "Fast Food Restaurants", which fast food restaurants do you go to?
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If you selected "Takeout Restaurants", which restaurants do you get take out from?
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7. How do you get to these places? (Check all that apply.) *
8. What would make it easier for you to get food you want to eat? (Check all that apply.) *
9. If you could pick up groceries and prepared food from anywhere in town (e.g., community center, store, church, park, etc.), where would you want that to be?
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10. If you could pick up healthy, prepared meals from the location you mentioned in question 9, how often would you buy it? *
11. How much would you be willing to pay per person for a healthy, prepared meal? *
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12. At home, what equipment do you have to prepare meals? (Check all that apply.) *
13. Which of this equipment do you use most often? *
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