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Just trying to get a gauge of how sedentary or active you are; if you control your schedule; if it’s a high-stress job, etc. as these things will change how I program for you.
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What would you like to achieve by working with me?
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What's motivated you to make this change now? *
Why do you think I, specifically, can help you achieve your goal? *
Past experience
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IF YOU ANSWERED "NO" TO THE ABOVE: Have you used a program in the past to help you achieve your goal?
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If you've used a program – what program did you use?
Current Training
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What does your training currently consist of? *
Weight lifting, crossfit, running, etc.
Nutrition/diet stuff
Do you have any nutritional preferences? *
Basically do you only eat paleo, low carb, keto, the hearts of your enemy. I need to know this.
Do you currently track your calories and macros? *
If you answered "No" to the above, are you willing to track your calories and macros?
I only work with people who will track their food intake. If you aren't willing to do this then we're not a good fit and I suggest working with someone else.
Clear selection
Health/injury history
Any injuries or health concerns I should know about? *
Are you 100% committed and serious about achieving your fitness goals or are you simply trying to throw money at your problems? *
Coaching isn't magic and won't work unless you do -- so if you can't completely commit to this yet, then I suggest applying once you can give it your all
If you were referred to coaching by an existing client, what's their name?
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