ACHE Teacher Grant Application
Thank you for your interest in the ACHE Teacher Grant program! If you'd like to apply for a grant please complete and submit this form. ACHE will review submissions on a rolling basis the first week of each month. More information can be found on our website, but here a few quick facts about the grant program:

Grants will only be awarded to current ACHE members for projects in Arizona school.

You can request any amount up to $500 per request.

Funds must be used on teacher training in either history or technology, digital classroom resources, or physical classroom items.

All digital resources must be cleared through your district IT to ensure they will be accessible to students, and if you are awarded a grant, you will be asked for proof of approval from your district (email, digital form).

For any questions, please email or contact an ACHE board member directly.

To get started, enter your preferred email address below. This will also allow you to edit your response later if needed.
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