KBC.ym Does Summer 2018
It's official...it's summer!! Woohoo!

Summer means a time to slow down and enjoy the world. We get rid of the daily worries of school life and focus on the finer things: sleeping in, pool days, and living life to the fullest. So in that spirit, KBC.ym plans to do just that!

One of the finest benefits of being part of youth group is the community of friends that comes along with it. So this summer, we invite everyone to be part of our community! Check out all the goings and doings we're getting into this summer and let us know you'll be there. This sign-up has multiple parts, so keep going until you reach the end to not miss anything.

The purpose of this sign-up is so that we can plan for numbers accordingly. While it is very helpful to know what kind of group to expect, this sign-up is not binding. As with almost everything we do, last minute additions are welcomed! We never want to turn anyone away who wants to be part of the KBC.ym excitement. Some events, like those in Section 3, are more stringent on additions than others so please do your best to let us know now. However, understanding that plans and schedules can change, please know that we can add folks to these numbers as we get closer to the dates.

It's time to be excited because Summer 2018 is here!

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