Kayak Request Form
You must fill out registration and liability release forms before making a request for a kayak. 
Once you have completed the forms and receive an email confirmation notice, then you can use this form to schedule a kayak for use. 
All fields on this form are required.
Please make only one request at a time. You are allowed 2 active reservations at a time and can schedule up to 2 weeks in advance. Reservation time is limited to 3 hours. You may want to check the kayak calendar at http://prparkandrec.org/kayak/ for the best times to schedule. 
When you receive you an email confirmation, make sure you read it for any changes to accessing the kayaks. 
Each kayak to be checked out needs a separate request form filled out by the person who will be using it. Please allow 48 hours to process requests. 
Thank you. 
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You must have a partner in a separate kayak to go out with to make a reservation. If the kayak partner will be using a Park District Kayak, they need to make a separate reservation. 
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You will receive an email confirmation once your request is booked. Please click on Submit to send your request
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