Austonettes Auditions Application Oct/Nov 2019- Round 1
We're auditioning for new members to begin in January 2020! The upcoming season will last from January-June. We will be accepting video submissions through November 25th, 2019 for the first round of auditions.

Want to know more about how auditions work and answers to FAQs about the group?
Click here for our video about The Austonettes:
Click here for answers to FAQs:

Round 1 Directions:
1. Please answer all questions in this application as thoroughly as you can!

2. Film an audition video (guidelines below- please read carefully).

3. Paste a link to a recording of your video audition in the spot at the bottom of this form. You can upload your video however you choose (Private YouTube video, Dropbox, iCloud, etc.), get the link for it, and paste it in the allotted spot at the bottom of this form.

Video Audition Guidelines:
-Film a short video of yourself singing a verse and a chorus of a pop song of your choice! While many of us love and sing choral arrangements in other groups, we are looking to get an idea of what your pop voice sounds like, so please choose a recognizable pop song that you feel shows off your voice's best qualities (If you need help with song choice, feel free to email us)!
-Make sure that you're singing A CAPPELLA (we are an a cappella group, after all)! This means no karaoke tracks, no piano. Just your voice, please.
-No need for fancy lighting, microphones, or equipment, your phone and your voice will do just fine.

If you have ANY questions or need help, please reach out to us at and we'll get back to you ASAP!

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Why do you want to join The Austonettes? *
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Describe your singing experience, proficiency in music theory/literacy, and any performance direction/ choreography experience. *
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What’s your voice part/comfort zone? Check all that apply. *
Years of CONTEMPORARY A CAPPELLA experience *
Years of OTHER MUSIC PERFORMANCE experience (choir, church, band, musical theater, etc.) *
Can you do vocal percussion? *
Can you arrange a cappella music? *
Would you be able to commit to the group through December 2020? *
Are you available Sundays 5pm-7pm (our regular weekly rehearsal time)? *
Do you have any upcoming trips or conflicts that you know about during the upcoming season (January- June)? If yes, please explain and provide dates when you would be unavailable. *
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Anything else you'd like to share with us? Feel free to include links to videos of you singing in past groups or to tell us more about yourself.
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*See directions about video guidelines at the top of this form* and Paste link(s) to external video recording HERE: *
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