Genericon XXXII Artist Alley Registration Form
Before beginning, please make sure to read all the links on the Artist Alley website page with important tips and changes to Artist Alley. Please fill out the form below to apply for a space in the Genericon XXXII Artist Alley. Those selected will be contacted at a later date with whether you have been accepted as part of Artist's Alley with a follow-up form. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to email

This form will be open from August 1st, 2018 to December 2rd, 2018 11:59pm.

1) Primary Contact Full Name: *
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2) Primary Contact Email: *
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3) Group Name: *
Please be consistent with this name throughout all future coordinations with Genericon staff and do not change it from what you input below.
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4) Link to Portfolio/Previous Work: *
Link to an online repository, such as a tumblr, deviantArt, or imgur gallery. Link failing to work properly will result in an automatic decline.
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5) Please link an image of your Artist Alley table setup.
This question is optional, but we will more favorably view applicants who complete this portion. Link to an image of your setup at a convention. If you have not been in an Artist Alley, we encourage you to make a practice setup on an 8ft by 2.5ft table (the same dimensions as our tables) and send in a picture. More information regarding this question can be found at the "Changes to Genericon XXXII" document linked on Genericon's website.
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6) Have you attended Genericon in the past? *
7) Additional Comments
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8) Artist Alley Registration Form Policy *
I understand that this form is not a binding application for the Genericon Artist Alley. If I realize I am unable to attend Genericon XXXII after its convention date is announced, I will let the Artist Alley coordinator know in a timely manner.
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