2017 Carnival Day Activity/Performance Application Form
Please fill out the following questions regarding your proposed activity station or performance for the
2017 Colorado Springs Science Festival Cool Science Carnival Day at UCCS to be held on Saturday, Oct 14.
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Tell us about your Activity/Perfromance
Please provide some details about the proposal and how it will engage kids and families in hands-on science.
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Risk Assessment
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Promotional Information
Please provide a description of your activity or performance that we can use in our festival promotional and marketing materials.
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Will your activity require an electrical power source?
Will your activity require a water source?
How many tables do you think you will need?
Is your activity an indoor or outdoor activity?
How many lunches would you estimate you will need for your activity volunteers?
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Anything else?
Please add any additional information we need to help you. Do you need extra floor space? Do you need special set up time? Do you need internet? Etc.
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