Collaborative Design Council New Member Application Form
Are you interested in working closely with Transition US staff, board members, and Transition leaders from all over the country to broaden, deepen, and scale-up our movement throughout the US?

Our Collaborative Design Council is currently accepting applications! Please fill out the form below to apply.

Initially convened in 2016, the Transition US Collaborative Design Council brings together national Transition leaders to learn from each other, provide mutual support, offer feedback, and collaborate on projects of common interest.

Are you ready to step up into a greater role in the US Transition Town Movement, or know someone else who might be? Please click here to apply or forward this link to a friend. The deadline for 2020 applications is midnight Pacific on Friday, February 28th.

If you have questions about any of this, please contact William Mutch, with the Collaborative Design Council, at and/or 650-380-7030
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Why do you want to join the Collaborative Design Council, and why do you think you would be a good candidate for inclusion? *
Can you commit to attending monthly online Zoom meetings for a three-year term beginning in April 2020? Please note that the Council currently meets for 90 minutes on the third Wednesday of each month at 4pm Pacific Time. The Council may, by consensus, choose to change the duration and timing of these meetings. *
Would you describe yourself as a "team player"? Why or why not? Please share an example or two that illustrates your answer. *
Do you have at least one year of experience working with a local Transition Initiative here in the US? If so, what is the name of that initiative and what did you do? If not, why do you think we should accept your application anyway. *
Do you have knowledge of Transition activities nationally and in your region (beyond your local initiative)? If so, where has this knowledge come from? If not, what would you be willing to do in order to bring yourself up to speed? *
Are you part of a regional Transition hub or national-level Transition working group? If so, which one(s) and how are you involved? *
Please provide names, phone numbers, and email addresses for two references related to your community resilience-building work. At least one should be connected with a Transition Initiative you have been involved in. *
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