Next Wave Call for Participation
An invitation to innovative school-based teams, community partners, artists, and others!

On Saturday, April 27, 2019, at the Jeremiah H. Burke High School (20 Washington Street, Dorchester, MA) the Center for Artistry and Scholarship will host Next Wave: What’s Next, What Works, a summit to showcase innovations developed by and for school communities that foster democratic practices, student growth, and creative approaches to racial and social justice. The Next Wave summit will gather students, educators, administrators, policymakers, funders, and families to highlight, celebrate, and advance our collective commitment to the belief that the people who are closest to and most immediately affected by opportunities and challenges in schools are those who must lead the way to develop responses, strategies, and solutions.

The Next Wave summit will feature school-based teams that have developed projects and initiatives focused on leveraging creativity, the arts, and community in the service of student learning and sustainable student-centered school design. Presenters will share their work in sessions that include students, families, and community members. We invite everyone seeking a network that elevates democracy, creativity, and school-based leadership to join us. Please share your idea for a workshop or an interactive exhibition here. Proposals are due by Friday, January 25, 11:59 pm).

Questions? Email Jill Davidson, Center for Artistry and Scholarship program director at

You may download a PDF version of this form to work on offline here:

Please respond as well as you can to the questions below. If you and your team are chosen as workshop facilitators or exhibitors, you will have opportunities to refine your descriptions. We will follow up with everyone who submits a proposal to participate with more information, guidance, and support. Thank you!

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