Healing the Present, Protecting the Future: New York Youth Climate Leaders' Lobby Day
Over the past year, New York State has been presented with enormous and unprecedented challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken tens of thousands of lives, the state government faces a $14.5 billion budget shortfall, and New York has still done little to combat the climate crisis. In order to recover from the pandemic and address the climate crisis, we must stop funding the fossil fuel industry, tax the wealthy, and create a Green New Deal for New York State.

We're continuing our campaign for economic and environmental justice this Earth Day with a lobby day on Friday, April 23rd. During this event, we will meet with key politicians from across the state to discuss and demand comprehensive climate legislation. The entire lobby day will be conducted over Zoom and we can adjust individual lobby schedules to avoid conflicts that participants may have. After so long watching our Earth suffer from climate change, and watching our fellow New Yorkers suffer under the strain of the pandemic, our time is now to demand economic and environmental justice for all. Your participation in this event will help us protect each other from economic disaster, and help protect our planet from the fossil fuel industry.
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