#AC20 Connected Plenary Notes
Part fireside chat, part active design sprint, the closing plenary of OLC Accelerate 2020 will weave together the threads of the salient themes and discussions covered across the various tracks, sessions and engagement opportunities. Through your contributions to this form, we will surface the big ideas shared at several sessions and turn them into both a closing discussion and a call to action for our future endeavors.

INSTRUCTIONS: For any session that you attend, simply fill in the requested information below.
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Describe the key themes that arose in the session in a series of keywords (lowercase, separated by commas)
In a sentence, describe the main challenge presented to the audience.
What solutions were proffered to address that challenge from both the presenter and the audience?
What closing ideas or calls to action can attendees take part in?
Anything else we should know?
We will compile this data into a posting or publication at the end of the conference, and would love to give you credit. If you would like to be listed as a contributing author, please fill out the following information below.
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