Guide writing application

Hey there! Do you like writing articles, and are you interested in helping people getting better at Smite?

We are looking for a handful of people who would like to write a guide as a featured post. You may discuss a subject and give your extensive opinion about it. The post is ment as both a discussion thread and a helpful guide for people. (e.g. Warding, counterjungling, etc.)

We will have contact through Skype or any other form of instant messaging of your choice. Skype is heavily preferred though.

A few requirements (you need to meet ALL of them!)

- Extensive knowledge of /r/Smite and several months of experience
- General MOBA knowledge
- Proficient use of English and the ability to write with correct grammar and interpunction
- Writing of interesting articles that are helpful and enjoyable to read
- At least 16 years of age
- Time (availability) and devotion to write an article on the short term

You'll have to complete a survey to sign up. We expect you to be 100% honest with every question. If you are selected, you will receive a response from us.