Maine Unified Schools Youth Council Application

    What is the Maine Unified Schools Youth Council?

    Special Olympics Maine believes that through sports and sports related programs, young people can make a difference in their friendships, schools, and local communities. Special Olympics Unified Schools® is an initiative that brings youth with and without intellectual disabilities together to make a difference. Following this belief, Unified Schools is youth driven, with a Maine Unified Schools Youth Council made up of young people representing high schools and colleges across the state. Members of the committee work together over the course of the year to educate, motivate, and activate youth to become agents of change in their communities and advocate for the respect, inclusion, and acceptance of all people, regardless of abilities. The goal of the Maine Unified Schools Youth Council is to reach out to other youth to help carry out social justice for all people.

    Expected Outcomes

    * Learn leadership skills through collaboration with the SOME office to carry out Special Olympics initiatives, events, and activities. * Increase partnership between youth and adults --to reach out to more people in order to educate, motivate, and activate them to become more involved in Special Olympics and its initiatives. * Provide innovative new perspectives to ensure the continued success of Special Olympics. * You will have a better understanding of how to reach out to your peers to engage them to Be a Fan® of Special Olympics!


    * 16-20 students will be selected to participate in Maine’s Unified Schools Youth Council * Students will be people with and without intellectual disabilities * All committee members must: o Be between the ages of 14-21 (freshman in high school up to senior in college) o Commit to serving either one or two years on the committee o Have transportation to and from all meetings, events and activities o Attend 75% of schedule meeting, conference calls, events and activities o Go through a basic orientation to SOME o Be able to express their opinions and ideas about Special Olympics and Unified Schools in writing or verbally. o Have a parent or guardian sign a waiver or release for their participation o Have the ability to communicate via email/skype


    * Spend 8-10 hours per month on the Maine Unified Schools Youth Council. * The first meeting will be held September 7th, 2016 and then held every 1st Wednesday of each month until the end of the school year. The first meeting will be a mandatory face-to-face meeting and then meeting will be held via Skype. * Participate or help recruit students in the Lobster Dip January 1st and/or Ice Out Plunge in April to raise awareness and funds for Special Olympics Maine Unified Schools * Implement an R-word campaign in your home school and one neighbor school. * Have a Youth Council at your school * Have an Unified Sports program at your school

    Code of Conduct

    * As a Maine Unified Schools Youth Council member, you must comply with the following conduct guidelines at all times, no matter where you are or what you are doing. When you are on Youth Council, you represent them at all times, not just when you are at the events: * Dress and act in a responsible manner that positively represent Special Olympics and the Unified Schools Youth Council. Profanity, taunting, and other forms of poor sportsmanship; uncooperative behavior; and inappropriate pictures or posts online are subject to disciplinary measures. * Respect all residential sites, meeting sites, dining facilities, competition venues, and other activity areas. * Treat other Unified Schools Maine Unified Schools Youth Council Members, all activity participants, athletes, coaches, staff, officials and volunteers with respect and communicate in a courteous manner. * Ensure that you are at the designated meetings, sessions, scheduled events, meals, and other activities on time. * Follow the directions of your chaperone while traveling and all the time you are attending the Maine Unified Schools Youth Council events. * HAVE FUN!!