Gaia Summer Internship Application
APPLICATION DEADLINE: Friday March 30th – 5pm
ELIGIBILITY: Youth Ages 14-16 and/or entering 9th or 10th grade in September 2018
PROGRAM DATES: July – Early August Monday-Thursday; 10am-4pm (exact dates TBA)

About The Brotherhood/Sister Sol: The Brotherhood/Sister Sol offers a safe space full of resources and love where youth are able to speak their minds, acquire knowledge and skills, explore their identity and beliefs, and receive support to make their dreams reality. We provide year-round programming, school and home counseling, summer camps, job training and employment, college preparation, community organizing training, and international study programs to Africa and Latin America.

About The Environmental Program: For well over a decade, The Brotherhood-Sister Sol has been actively engaged in the urban gardening & farming movement. We are the caretakers of the Frank White Memorial Garden located adjacent to our headquarters and have been responsible for developing the 6,000 sq/ft lot into an Environmental Learning Center that includes a functional Urban Farm (producing more than 20 varieties of fruits and vegetables), a Green House, a Group Challenge Course, as well as recreational seating and performing areas. All of these features have been co-designed and constructed by our youth members and local community residents.

Gaia Summer Internships: The Gaia Summer Internship is the primary entry-point into the Gaia Renaissance Collective – our teen environmental leadership group. Over the course of the 6-week internship members work and learn through a combination of hands-on gardening and construction activities, educational workshops, and leadership development projects. Youth who complete the internship receive a stipend of up to $750 and become eligible to join the Gaia Renaissance Collective, which meets throughout the school year. In the Gaia Renaissance Collective, youth further their knowledge of urban gardening, and social and environmental justice through hands on learning, trips and on site projects. Gaia Renaissance members also have the opportunity to work 5 paid hours weekly throughout the year.

After the submission of your complete application, you will be contacted to schedule an interview.
Please email, fax or deliver this application to:
Address: Environmental Program, c/o The Brotherhood/Sister Sol,
512 West 143 Street, NYC 10031
Fax: 212.283.3700

If you have any questions, please call 212.283.7044 before the deadline and ask for Nando or Antonia.
For more information about The Brotherhood/Sister Sol, visit

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