Board Member Application and Interest Survey
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What other board, committees, or volunteer work have you participated in (i.e., name, position held, years of service and work done)?
What experience or background do you have which might be useful to the Board or Committee? (Please select all that apply)
Please describe any other expertise: e.g., contacts with and awareness of partners in environmental education and natural resource management communities; planning, grant research and writing skills.
What are your areas of interest in the outdoors, environmental education, recreation, stewardship, finances, marketing, or other areas that you would be particularly interested in working on to help advance Agassiz ELC’s mission?
What do you hope to contribute to the Agassiz ELC Board and/or its Committees?
Application valid for twelve months from completion date.

If you are not selected during the 12-month period following your completion of this application, but are still interested in serving as a board or committee member after that time, you will be asked to update this application as needed or complete a new application.

The mission of the Agassiz Environmental Learning Center is to foster a greater understanding of the interrelationships between humans and nature.

By completing this application form, I am indicating my interest and commitment to serve as a Board and/or Committee Member of the Agassiz Environmental Learning Center and to assist in good faith to fulfill its mission.
TERM: Three (3) years. Note: Agassiz ELC Bylaws allow two consecutive terms.

PURPOSE OF THE POSITION: Board Members set Agassiz ELC policy. The Board of Directors determines, monitors, and evaluates goals, and approves the budget.

• Policy Administration: Responsible for ensuring that Agassiz ELC operates within its adopted bylaws. Acts on proposed revisions to bylaws. Recommends policies which determine the purpose, governing principles, functions and activities of the organization.
• Evaluation: Monitors the activities of Agassiz ELC including committee work, proposals, and organization operation.
• Public and Community Relations: Understands and interprets the work of Agassiz ELC to the community.
• Personnel: Through the Executive Committee (in lieu of a Personnel Committee), annually evaluates the performance of Agassiz ELC staff. Approves personnel policies. Participates in recruitment and development of the Board and Committee members.
• Finance: Approves and monitors Agassiz ELC finances. Authorizes and approves the annual financial review. Responsible for recommending and monitoring Agassiz ELC expenditures.
• Fundraising: Creates the financial climate for fulfilling Agassiz ELCs’ purpose through participation in fundraising activities. In order to credibly solicit contributions from foundations, organizations, and individuals, Agassiz ELC expects to have every Board Member make an annual contribution that is commensurate with their capacity. Board Members will consider Agassiz ELC a philanthropic priority and make annual gifts that reflect that priority.
• Program: Familiar with Agassiz ELC’s programs and participates when appropriate. Participates in program planning, monitoring, and evaluation.

• Demonstrated interest in Agassiz ELC’s mission, goals, and projects.
• Specific experience, interest and/or knowledge in at least one of the following areas: education, environment, business development, major donors, social concerns, arts and culture, nature, recreation, public safety, water resources, and community engagement.
• Willingness to attend Board meetings, serve on one or more Board committees and participate in appropriate organization activities.
• Willingness to participate in Board orientation and training activities and adhere to Board duties and responsibilities outlined in the Agassiz board manual and bylaws.
• Be an Agassiz ELC member in good standing.
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