Auto Phone Call: Contact Updates HBCS
Dear Families,

I would like to apologize for any recent non-calls and partial calls from our automated phone announcement system. Somewhere between the afternoon of Monday, Jan 21 and the evening of Tuesday, Jan 22 the company we've used to make "robo calls" began to "cut over" to a new version. This was an unannounced switch/update, and we were not notified of the change. As a result of their data transfer issues our school system lost access to the automated phone system late Tuesday. Because we were unaware of the changes coming we had no reason to be checking for them. The good news is we now believe we have full access to the system again.

The bad news is we have discovered in a few cases individual data from those wishing to be contacted (and in some cases wishing to not be contacted) didn't transfer over correctly in the update. We would like to attempt to correct things within the "robo call" system, at least as much as possible.

Please consider filling in the following survey to help us update our phone data. Unfortunately, our automated all call phone data and our individual student emergency contact data used in our school offices don't communicate to each other.

If you wish to change emergency contacts for your individual child, for example: changing who is called from the office if your child is sick, please call the office to make these changes at 479-3261.

The changes you note here will be placed only in the emergency all call or "robo call" system. Depending on the number of errors discovered it may take us a few days to update information provided. Please continue to watch for notifications on TV, radio, and social media.

Thank you for your understanding and help.

Dr. Shawn Bishop
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