2020 Cares Act Fish Distribution
The Cares Act Fish distribution is a one time allotment per household. If you have applied and received your fish box you will not be eligible for the November and December distribution.
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The Fish Distribution will be first-come, first-serve. One 5 lb. box will be reserved in your name for your household. Only one box per household. Boxes can be picked up at The Community House, 200 Katlian St., when we notify you of your pick up time either by email or phone. The tentative time frame to pick up your one time allotment will be the 3rd week in October, or November or December. If you have any special transportation needs and cannot pick up your one-time allotment of the fish box, please call (907) 738-9992.
Certification of Emergency Assistance during COVID-19
I, (print name) __________________________________________ certify that I am a resident of the City of Sitka and have been affected by the impacts of COVID-19. As an official signer for the application, I certify that the information provided in this application is true and accurate. I agree to assist in the verification of information provided in this application and to provide additional information to the Tribe, if requested. *
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