The Denver Foundation's Landscape Report Feedback Survey
Please use the following questions to guide your feedback on The Denver Foundation's Landscape Report. Thank you!
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After reading the entire report, what stood out to you? What challenged your perceptions? What aligned with you/your organization?
Please take a couple of minutes to reflect on the Divergent Narratives (page 13). How would you start the conversation between nonprofit leaders of color and white nonprofit leaders?
As you are looking at The Denver Foundation’s internal work toward racial equity (page 17), do you agree that these are four meaningful steps? Do they move the Foundation toward racial equity? If not, what is missing?
The Programmatic Recommendations (page 18) are themes that emerged from the research. Which one(s) would you prioritize as most important and why? Is there an additional recommendation (not on this list) you would make a priority? What is it, and why is it important?
Do you know of other resources we should to add to our list? Please share them below.
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