2019 OHDSI Collaborators Showcase Submission Form- Posters and Oral Talks
Thank you for your interest in the 2019 OHDSI Collaborators Showcase! We are delighted that you are interested in showcasing your work at this year's showcase. For planning purposes, please take a moment to fill out the submission form to help the Symposium Planning Committee better understand your solution.

By filling out this form you may choose if you would like to present your work as a poster or an oral talk or both. If a poster, you will present it during the Collaborator Showcase. If an Oral talk, you will present a 7-minute talk at the symposium. You may also submit to display a software demo by returning to the showcase submissions page on the website and clicking on the software demo submissions form. Although we strive to accommodate your requested presentation format, it is not guaranteed. If the organizing committee has selected your work to be presented at this year's showcase, you will be notified via email by August 19 and the presentation format will be confirmed at that time.

Topics should align with at least one of OHDSI’s strategic areas of focus:

● Observational data standards and management
● Open-source analytics development
● Methodological research
● Clinical applications


A submission template can be found by using the following link:


The document can be downloaded as a Microsoft Word document by clicking on the link and selecting File->Download As...-> Microsoft Word (.docx).

Each presenting author should upload their document as a PDF. The submission should meet the following guidelines:

● Maximum 2 pages
● Maximum 10 MB
● Clearly state the names, affiliations, and emails of all co-authors and list
co-authors in the order that will appear on the poster or presentation
● Have the following components: Title, Background, Methods, Results,
Discussion/Conclusions. References are recommended.
● Unpublished in the peer-review literature at the time of abstract submission
● [Optional] Figures, tables, and equations can be added to the abstract to support
description of the methods or results

By submitting your work, the presenting author agrees to present at the OHDSI Symposium if their work is selected. This agreement includes being present at the scheduled time or sending someone to represent in your absence.

Your document should be saved as a PDF using the following naming convention, where the "firstname" and "lastname" correspond to the name of the presenting author, and "title" should include keywords that summarize the title: firstname-lastname_title_2019symposium

If you have questions or need help with the submission process, please contact: symposium@ohdsi.org.

Please fill out the below form. You will receive a confirmation email of your responses upon completion.

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The corresponding author is the author who has submitted the work and receives all email communication regarding it; the presenting author is the author who will present the work and attend the symposium. Please answer the below: *
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Which OHDSI strategic area of focus best classifies the research or project described in your abstract? (Select one) *
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