The Scribbler Team Survey
A small survey for Scribbler Team Members to help gage what the Scribbler Team needs to work on as a club itself.
What committees/roles are you a part of? (Pick all that apply)
Do you feel welcome at the Scribbler?
Do you feel as though things "get done" during meetings?
Are Jay and Maryam (the editors) approachable?
Are you friends with anyone in The Scribbler? (Be honest)
Is The Scribbler fun to be at/work with?
Do you feel as though you have a job/purpose to fulfill when you come into a meeting?
Are instructions (from Maryam, Jay, teachers) clear enough?
Are you planning on submitting to the book?
What do you think could be done to make the "writing club" portion more popular?
Your answer
What's the best part about Scribbler meetings?
Your answer
Could Jay and Maryam be doing their job as editors any better? How?
Your answer
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